Senator Manuel B. villar and C5 Road Project

We are saddened to note that certain quarters have continued to drag out the non controversy that is C5 as a continuing source of black propaganda against Nacionalista Party standard bearer Sen. Manny Villar.

Even the Senate floor has become a venue a to underhanded moves in the malicious attack, as well as certain media outfits and practitioners who have given credence to these smear campaigns. We believe these are efforts of a candidacy losing steam even as Sen. Manny Villar steadily gains.

In a nutshell, here are the lies foisted upon the public, and the truth that people should know.

Lie Fact
Double insertion There are two different portions of the C5 project – the Sucat flyover and the Coastal flyover.

As early as 2008, Senator Juan Ponce Enrile – then chair of the Senate Committee on Finance – cleared Senator Villar of the charges.

Sen. Enrile said then: “Unfortunately, that is being twisted to make it appear that the introduction of additional amount is an attempt to steal from the government.

Re-alignment Two different projects with different alignments.
Villar properties were overpriced Properties were acquired at zonal values.
Villar sold to DPWH properties owned by the BSP Sale was above board. Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) was aware of, and consented to, sale. Entire ROW proceeds were remitted to BSP.
Villar required to divest Senators are not required to divest – only a full disclosure of financial and business interest. Villar’s corporation made full disclosure of the senator’s interest, and even required Toll Regulatory Board (TRB) to get opinion from DOJ prior to execution of deed of sale.
Conflict of interest As per 1999 DOJ opinion, acquisition by government of Villar properties for ROW purposes does not fall within Constitutional prohibition under Sec. 14, Article VI.

Simply put, politics is the reason behind this sustained smear effort, along with moves to censure Sen.Villar on the heels of a prejudged ethics report. We are not cowed by these moves that seek to put into a bad light not only the NP standard bearer, but a truly beneficial project done aboveboard and that benefits directly some six million commuters and motorists.


5 responses to “Senator Manuel B. villar and C5 Road Project

  1. face the senators & debate them on these so called merits…. with pimentel, cayetano & joker around, you don’t need to chicken out of the senate sessions.


    Watch this:

  3. Money Villar never answered the people in th Senate, he just read a looong speech that was self-exalting -Where is his evidence? Mababaw at takot sa katotohanan -ngayon pa lang nakikita na and character ng Money na ito -sana Manny-gas na siya.

  4. hindi ka ba nakinig sa speech niya? Ang tanga mo para kang si Noynoy! NANDUN ANG EVIDENCE- KAYA NAGBASA NG MAHABANG SPEECH KASI NANDUN YNG EVIDENCE- MAGISIP KA ULOL

  5. sabi ni jvvillar face the senators & debate them in these so called merits si pimentel, cayetano& joker kilala natin sila na puro magagaling kaya nilang ilaga ang itlog na walang tubig sa salita lang sa amin sa nueva ecija hindi magaling ang tawag namin jan MAINAM

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