The truth about Noynoy

Ito sample ng evil campaign of Senator Benigno Aquino… I observed all the presidentiable facebook and Senator Noynoy Aquino’s side is very evil.

Before open pa yan for everyone.. noy hindi na.. game plan has been changed but the same old Bad Admins… Kakalungkot isipin na hinahayan ito ng campaign manager nila.. diba nakakatakot?

I mean can noynoy make an ad na nagpapakita ng galing at talino niya? Mga nagawa niya at hindi nagawa ng kanyang mga magulang?

The truth about ‘Noynoy’


October 15, 2009


Nestor Mata

‘What’s Sen. Noynoy Aquino, Liberal Party’s candidate for the presidency, educational, business, political and family background?’

I HAVE written the “Truth about ‘Manong’ and the “Truth behind Villar’s Ethics Case,” and now here’s the “Truth about ‘Noynoy,’ glimpses of his educational, business, family background, including political and public service record.

Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III, son of Cory Aquino, who accidentally became president in 1986, three years after the assassination of Ninoy Aquino, completed his elementary, secondary and college education at the Jesuit-run Ateneo de Manila.

Soon after his graduation with a bachelor’s degree in economics in 1981, he became a member of the Philippine Business Social Progress in 1983. Then he worked as a retail sales supervisor for Nike Shoes, which became popular because of the idol worship of Filipino basketball fans for Michael Jordan and other American sports superstars, who endorsed those shoes.

He was also vice president and treasurer of the Best Security Agency, owned by a relative, from 1986 to 1993. And later, he became fields service manager for Central Azucarera Tarlac from 1996 to 1998. The same year he was elected Representative of Tarlac, served for three years, and got elected Senator as a Liberal Party member in 2007.

And now, Noynoy is running for the presidency as standard bearer of the Liberal Party.

Many political observers wondered why? He spent 11 years as congressman and senator, but they noted, he did practically nothing in government service. “Noynoy has no sterling performance and for this reason, he is accused of being ‘walang alam’ and all he could do was co-author bills for legislation.”

Another analyst recalled that “Ninoy Aquino, as then senator, he became a leading light of the Opposition, and authored a milestone of a bill called ‘Study Now, Pay Later Plan’ that would enable deserving students to pursue their dreams with loans from the government.”

“In contrast, Noynoy does not have an advocacy. He stayed in Congress for almost three times longer than his father, and his record is a pale shadow… a mockery of his father’s achievements. For this dismal record, why should we reward Noynoy, a non-achiever, the presidency?”

Still another observer of presidential politics pointed out that after Noynoy announced his candidacy, soon after the death of his mother, his spin doctors tried to used the reflected glory of Cory to boost his campaign, But, the observer added, “Noynoy is unprepared, he has no accomplishment of his own, and he’s but a mere media creation spun by his political handlers.”

And now, in the heat of the current presidential campaign, the so-called Hacienda Luisita issue has surfaced. This refers to the time two years ago when 70 farmers were mowed down in cold blood. They were protesting against the scheme of a special land reform arrangement devised by the owners, the Cojuangco clan, of which Noynoy is now the leader, that controls majority of the shares.

Like it or not, those pundits in the political commentariat said, this has indeed become a political issue, and it cannot be simply swept under the rug, and it will haunt Noynoy’s candidacy. “If he cannot solve the Luisita issue, if he cannot right a wrong in his own backyard, then how can he solve the more pressing complicated problems of the nation?”

Still another issue has been raised, this time by the Nacionalista Party, of which Sen. Manny Villar, who has been pilloried in absentia by his peers in the Senate, particularly by Senate President Johnny “Manong” Ponce Enrile and his administration cohorts as well as the LP’s presidential and vice-presidential candidates, in the ethics case against the NP presidential candidate.

A congressional inquiry has shifted its focus, after the Villar case on the controversial C-5 road project, on the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEx). Aquino has been asked to explain the alleged “overpricing of the SCTEx deal.

Raised by Cavite Rep. Crispin Remulla, one of the spokespersons of the NP, said: “The glaring question here is why the SCTEx construction was overpriced. He was referring to the purchase of the road right of way to Hacienda Luisita, the 600-hectare sugar plantation owned by the Aquino-Cojuangco family.

Actually, the issue is now under investigation by the House oversight committee due to the delay and overpricing of materials. “The House investigation,” according to Remulla, “is now looking at the legality of the right-of-way payments for the hundreds of thousands of square meters of land inside the Hacienda Luisita”

Noynoy Aquino himself has admitted ownership of 4 percent of the hacienda, but the Cavite solon said, “it does not spare him from criticism for not helping farmers affected by the SCTEx deal.” And he disclosed that the farmers, who are supposed to own 33 percent of the hacienda, under a Stock Distribution Option (SDO) plan, instead got less than 4 percent.

A few weeks ago, Noynoy was reminded by 10,000 farmers who marched to Mendiola Bridge (now Don Chino Roces Bridge) about the Mendiola massacre of peasants that happened during the Cory presidency in 1987. They hurled barbs at Noynoy, accusing him of mouthing “nothing but platitudes” in answer to persistent questions on the stalemate between the farmers and the Hacienda Luisita’s owners, the Aquino-Cojuangco family.

Bayan Muna Rep. Satur Ocampo, who was among those marchers, said, he has been reciting the mantra about the legacies of his parents, but in Cory’s time 22 years since that massacre of the farmers, justice still eludes the victims and survivors!

In answer to all this, Noynoy Aquino continues to milk the so-called “Cory Magic,” which those political observers dismissed as just an illusion being perpetuated by his political handlers and image-makers and the “yellow army” of the Aquinos and Cojuangcos.

Well, after all these varied comments about politicians and politics, most of them adverse, the readers are apt to either throw up their hands and mutter that when the official campaign begins this week, we shall see, alas, more throwing of mud, threats and smears, of falsehoods and untruths by candidates for the presidency, vice presidency, senators and congressmen and their supporters.

Politics, so goes a proverb, is like a rotten egg, if broken open, it stinks to high heavens!


6 responses to “The truth about Noynoy

  1. princess dchanted

    This is not to spread rumors but someone emailed me Mikee Cojuangco Leads Black Propaganda Campaign for Cousin Noynoy

    The buzz in the blogosphere is that Noynoy Aquino, through cousin Mikee Cojuangco, engaged a web development firm called Voncore to design and develop a black propaganda website to help take down Aquino’s chief rival Manny Villar in the May 2010 elections.

    According to its company website, Voncore is owned by Rogelio Santos, Jr, a US-based entrepreneur who also happens to be a fan of Noynoy Aquino on Facebook.

    The whistle-blower hinted that a briefing for the project was held at the residence of Mikee for the development team.

    The plan was to copy the look and feel of Manny Villar’s website and use a close-sounding web address — reportedly — to draw voters to the site, and then bombard them with black propaganda content once there. This is a tactic known as “phishing”, and commonly used by Internet hackers to steal credit card numbers and other sensitive information from unsuspecting users.

    • holy cow! I heard that too.. iba talaga ang mga utak behind noynoy’s campaign. Very evil mind still they portray this goody goody image. pathetic!

  2. The plan was to copy the look and feel of Manny Villar’s website and use a close-sounding web address — reportedly — to draw voters to the site, and then bombard them with black propaganda content once there. This is a tactic known as “phishing”, and commonly used by Internet hackers to steal credit card numbers and other sensitive information from unsuspecting users.

    Ano ne? how can you compare that to phishing? And is there a proof to this supposed plan that is led by Mikee Cojuangco? Or nakuha nyo lang ito sa Showbiz central or sa PEP?

  3. Antonina Pangilinan

    Ano kaya magbabago kung c Aquino ang manalo bilang presidente. Bakit tinuri na cya ang pag-asa. Y. Kc matay ko man isipin when he was congreesman la nga cya ginawa kahit ngaung senator cya. D ba bunoto tau yong taong may kapacdad at talagang may kakayahan hini dahil anak cya ni ninoy. Ano ang kakayanan nya. Sana yong mga supporters ni nonoy please explain to me and to us ano ang magagawa ni nonoy. Sana wag taung mabulagan sa katotohanan at wag taung bumoto dahil may untang na loob tau sa kanilang magulang. Kahit ank cya e d naman parehas ang dunong ng kanyang ama at kay njonoy. Malayomalayo.

  4. Mag-isip tayong mabuti sa pagpili ng magiging presidente natin. Kung dahil lang sa nakipagbreak yong girlriend ni Noynoy eh, nadepress na s’ya, papaano na kung maging presidente na sya? Makakaya ba nyang harapin ang mabibigat na problema? Nagpatingin sya sa psychiatrist noong 1996, nakakasiguro ba tayo na magaling na sya ngayon? Alalahanin natin na isang dahilan ng depression ay genetic, yong sinasabing nasa dugo. Mahirap gamutin ito. Babalik at babalik ito anumang oras na magkaproblema ng mabigat ang pasyente.

    Huwag tayong magpadala sa pag idolo sa isang tao. Presidene o mamumuno ng ating bansa ang hinahanap natin. Nakasalalay sa mga kamay n’ya ang ikabubuti o ikasasama ng ating bansa. Lawakan natin ang ating pagsaliksik at pag-unawa sa katotohan.




    I am not endorsing any presidential candidate. It’s your responsibility to do the right thing for our country.

  5. There’s no question, Noynoy is a little bit abnormal. Watch him talk, walk, listen to his ideas, and you can judge for yourself. Lane is definitely correct. Noynoy is psychologically and mentally incapable of governing our country.

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