Noynoy Aquino to Political Sabotage Manny Villar’s Website

Mikee Cojuangco Leads Black Propaganda Campaign for Cousin Noynoy

The buzz in the blogosphere is that Noynoy Aquino, through cousin Mikee Cojuangco, engaged a web development firm called Voncore to design and develop a black propaganda website to help take down Aquino’s chief rival Manny Villar in the May 2010 elections.

According to its company website, Voncore is owned by Rogelio Santos, Jr, a US-based entrepreneur who also happens to be a fan of Noynoy Aquino on Facebook.

The whistle-blower hinted that a briefing for the project was held at the residence of Mikee for the development team.

The plan was to copy the look and feel of Manny Villar’s website and use a close-sounding web address — reportedly — to draw voters to the site, and then bombard them with black propaganda content once there. This is a tactic known as “phishing”, and commonly used by Internet hackers to steal credit card numbers and other sensitive information from unsuspecting users.

Editor’s Note:

My entries can be written in a funny way, but believe it or not…

Everything written here came from a very reliable source.

Mikee: I am so lucky to have an angelic face and lovely smile… may dimples pa!


26 responses to “Noynoy Aquino to Political Sabotage Manny Villar’s Website

  1. phishing or not, this is stooping real low in the name of politics. good vs evil? they’re a bunch of hypocrites and self-proclaimed saints.

  2. Dude, are you talking about yourself or what? It seems that the description you used applies to your activity…just a thought.

  3. If indeed this is true…where’s the so called new politics that the “new breed of leaders” kuno are offering us? This isn’t new. Trapo pa din. This is the season where people are becoming experts in mudslinging and personal assassination. Tsk tsk tsk….

  4. @Daybreaker: How can the article apply to the writer of this blog entry? Was the writer sabotaging other candidates’ websites? Is creating a blog entry tantamount to phishing? Before you say anything in defense of your yellow-clad candidate, get your common sense working. And as the writer tells you, he is not forcing you to believe it or not.

  5. It’s the wrong Mikee Cojuangco. The lady in the photo is Mikee D. L. R. Cojuangco-Jaworski. The person being referred to by the “reliable source” is Mikey O. Cojuangco (brother of Tony Boy Cojuangco).

  6. hi kelly!

    First full disclosure…Ill probably vote for Gordon with a second choice for Noy so Im really anxious when rumors like this show up. Of course if its true then Ill know who to vote for na talaga.

    I also heard this rumor and since Im in the IT industry i tried to check it out. I ran several common iterations of the mannyvillar URL (dotorg,dotcom,etcetc) and it seems none of them are for sale so I guess this strategy ( if someone tries it) wont do ss well.

    You have to hand it to the villar camp, its good IT strategy to purchase as many domain names as you can to protect yourself from cyber squatters.

    He also has a lot of sponsored links which prob means he put good money into buying online ads to funnel all traffic into his main website. In any case this kind of strategy of mimicking websites is very low tech.

    With the reported billions that Manny Villar has been spending on his media campaign Im sure his IT team will spend an incredible amount as well to not let something like this happen. thanks for reporting it though.

    Good luck to us all!

  7. thanks for the info. then i will forward this to all my friends. I know Mr. Sen. Manny Villar now is become no. one in the Philippines and I believe that person who did this is worried the latest situation. More power to all here.

  8. Bad idea. Noynoy must target the masa since they are the biggest in population. And I mean luzon, visayas & mindanao.
    Creating a website to to spread black propaganda can only reach some people. not all have access to the waste of time if u ask me.

    my advice to Noynoy, stop talking about his parents. its not helping.

  9. It’s very hard for me to believe something like this, especially since you yourself wrote that the news surfaced only in blogs. We all know that Villar “rules” the net. (Google ads, Facebook, blogs and other websites) How sure are you that this type of news didn’t come from the Villar camp?

  10. You said that everything you’ve written here came from a very reliable source but how do we know that. Are you expecting us to say… ah ok! I need to know who this reliable source first and then I’ll decide if I’ll believe or not because these days, you can’t just trust what you read. Not saying you’re making this up, it’s just that I’m a very skeptic person and I’d like to know the credibility of these sources. Voters should be smarter and wiser now more than ever because their votes can either build or destroy this country further.

  11. Villar rules the Internet? Hindi rin. Mas marami pa rin ang mga Noynoy.

    Next fallacious statement please!

  12. Who really has the stats on the candidate who rules the internet? Everybody has his own opinion.

    Let’s just pray that whoever wins will be the best among the candidates.

    And I want to vote for the presidentiable who does not side with someone just because he is poor. Hindi lahat ng tao sa Pilipinas, mahirap. And ndi lahat ng mahirap, mabait. Lahat ng Pilipino, may karapatan. Be fair lang sa laha.

  13. Mas nakakahiya ang ginagawa nyo – sana yung bayan natin ang ipagtanggol nyo at di si MONEY VILLAR! Puro baluktot na bintang ang nilalabas nyo – pakita kayo ng PRUWEBA sa court – yan ang mabuti at TAMA.

  14. vote wisely.. vote gibo teodoro.. narinig nyo na na ba na nanira si gibo ng ibang presidentiables? ang sa kanya lang kung ano ang gagawin nya na sa paniniwala nya ay mabuti sa bayan.. he is his own man..yon lang po..

  15. This wouldn’t surprise me. The Aquinos have real evil in them. Wag na tayong padalos-dalos. Sumusobra na ang mga Aquino. Kawawa ang magsasaka sa Tarlac at sa iba pang lugar.

    Let us vote wisely in this election. Let’s choose Gilbert Teodoro for President. He is intelligent, capable, and decent enough not to engage in mud-slinging.

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  17. Why should Noynoy waste his time on this nonsense hacking of website when he is leading even in internet, can you guys make up your mind think more believable scenario.. what reliable source.. this has been used by military intelligence is an old alibi..

  18. Mikee Cojuangco was never involved in any of the things you are alleging.

    “Everything written here came from a very reliable source”.

    Obviously your “very reliable source” is not very reliable.

  19. Based on the recent surveys Noynoy always leads them all. I guess it will be much more higher leads when it’s already an actual votes. Majority of Pinoys rich or poor, always look for genuine change and honesty for a leader. They know and very much sure that Noynoy is the one to vote. Watch my words, he’ll gonna be the next president.

  20. Its going to be the blogger launch of AHON PINOY, the OFW party list representative with Lauro Visconde and Dante ‘Klink’ Ang Jr. The discussion will focus on the power of the OFW to influence the vote on may 10 and thus steer the country towards progress.

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  21. REPOST with corrections: Its going to be the blogger launch of AHON PINOY, the OFW party list representative with Lauro Visconde and Dante ‘Klink’ Ang Jr. The discussion will focus on the power of the OFW to influence the vote on may 10 and thus steer the country towards progress.

    The event will be on Wednesday , April 14 at 6pm at Le Bistro Vert, Frazier Place (near Citibank Tower) Valero St. , Salcedo Village Makati.

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  24. If i were Villar i will investigate “Voncore” and the owner “Rogelio Santos” I believed that this company has many black propaganda against Villar, that’s why he was lost.

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