Atenean Caught destroying Manny Villar’s Image.

So, black propaganda is everywhere and it’s up to us if we will believe it or not.. but again some are ridiculously nuts.

Someone or a group of rabid supporters of one Presidentiable got very very busy. Emails circulated all around, in and outside the Philippines, about a mansion somewhere in Texas owned by Manny Villar.  Dripping in extravagance, a set of photos of the mansion with the gaudy interior decor even had this introduction:

” Imagine who would have such taste and live in such opulence.  An American billionaire?  A Saudi Prince?  Louis XIV of France?  Savour the pictures, then scroll to the bottom of the page to see who owns this work of art.”

This is what was written at the bottom.

This Mansion is in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA and belongs to:
Senator Manny Villar of the PHILIPPINES

While Filipinos starve, and die because of abject poverty ….and while Sen. Villar brags that he had poor beginnings and he had helped his poor countrymen over and over again… but look now.. he and his family live like this…….his GREED kills his poverty stricken fellow Filipinos .  So please consider this seriously in the upcoming elections.
PLEASE send this to everyone you know.
They can send it to everyone they know.
Soon Filipinos around the world will know what this man is doing to the people he wishes to serve if elected President.

The author sent emails to many Ateneo alumni organizations and furiously fanned out ——– that even Manny Villar supporters started asking if there is any truth to this claim.

But someone at the receiving end of this vicious attack on Villar made sure the assholes were put in place. God bless him for exposing this as a hoax. And he wrote:

for info on this email. The mansion does not belong to Manny Villar and it is not in Salt Lake City, Utah. “It is in the Tony Bel Air section of Los Angeles; it has been extensively photographed inside and out because it is sometimes used as the site of location shooting for TV and films.” This forwarded email started circulating in the internet in July 2008 and the mansion was said to be in Harare owned by  Pres. Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe.
Please be careful in forwarding such FW emails especially if it is critical to anyone, especially the presidential candidates. Let us be fair, no matter what candidate or party we support.

I think we should all be shooting out emails esp to Ateneans so they may now realize the kind of black propaganda many Ateneans peddle just to discredit Manny Villar.  If they think this is their way to win votes for their candidate Noynoy, they better think again.

In the email sent to several atenean groups, this fellow even cited it is “no wonder Villar’s endorser is Wowowee —same feathers”.  I am no big fan of Willie Revillame but I certainly think he earned the money he now enjoys the honest way.  It may seem “baduy” to these elitists,  but hey,  this Wowowee host is undeniably a successful artist who excelled in his craft.   Don’t you just find it condescending the way these elitists put down people like Manny and Willie,  who succeeded in struggling out of poverty as if it is a sin that these guys did not remain poor?

Our friends in Ateneo, many of whom I find decent , would earn more respect from people like me if they admonish the group or the individuals who peddled this lie.  I do not think the priests there taught them a lesson in black propaganda.  But they may certainly teach them a lesson now about decency.



50 responses to “Atenean Caught destroying Manny Villar’s Image.

  1. I hate politics and I firmly believed this is the dirtiest game in town but seing how our dearest country is heading on, then its time for everyone like me to voice out and be heard. As far as I am concerned, only stupid filipino would believe that this house attached in this FW email belongs to Manny Villar..up to this minute,I still believe that he is the best candidate to be the next Philippine President.
    Shame on Noynoy and Kris and Co. as they are already desperate now of how things are moving on for Manny Villar in a fair and square battle for presidency.
    Can we just try to analyze deeply the current situation of our country and from then, I believe we will end-up in a better Philippines instead of wasting time and money for this endless throwing of black propaganda. Show to filipino people your sincerest intentions to our country and let us decide in May 10 election.

    • If you ever read or watched “ANGELS AND DEMONS” and/or “DA VINCI CODE” well, this is it (Pati strategy ginaya na rin). In this case, thinking twice isn’t just enough. To know the right president. Each presidential candidate must not vote/endorse for himself/herself but the other presidential candidate instead, then you will see who is the right one.

  2. Please identify the author — parang nasisiraan naman yung ‘Ateneo’ pero wala namang nakalagay kung sino.

    And yes, black propaganda of this type pisses me off as well.

    • baka ateneo sinasabi kasi tiga ateneo si noynoy.

      pro-gordon ako pero kung ang mansion email ay peke, pati itong post nagpepeddle ng lies! jusko. walang katapusan.

      naniniwala ako hindi papayag na maglabas ng ganito ang kampa ni aquino, kasi naniniwala naman tlga ako sa prinsipyo nya (pero tiga-red cross ako e hehe, sorry senyor aquino)

  3. Political Watcher

    This is site is informative… funny way written but really a mind-boggling entries.

    That one regarding with Villar is obviously fake..
    His pictures together with his kids were all over the magazines, his taste is impeccable compare with that rich old interior- that I am surely not his type.

    It is just a disappointing truth that someone from Ateneo will do this…so sad how elite school like that spread some shit.

  4. ano ang ibig sabihin ng “Cought”?

  5. Jett MArion Garcia

    This is not VILLAR’s mansion. The house happens to be in the Tony Bel Air section in Los Angeles, USA not Salt Lake City. Infact this mansion has been used as a shooting location for many films. The photos are really worth seeing. Have a look. Use your google sense!

  6. Hi, how did you find out an Atenean sent this? Aside from the fact that it was sent to several Atenean groups, a lot of which can be found via searching the Yahoo!groups website?

  7. This is ridiculous. I hope Filipinos who received and will receive this e-mail will think that it is a bogus e-mail. There is no way Manny Villar owns this place regardless of its location in the U.S.

  8. ateneans is considered an ivy league in the philippines and i dont give a shit of their political dogma afterall political quagmire in the philippines is semo semo nothing change even this golden boy villar belong to the embodo shithole. What pilipinos needed now im talking to the oppress pilipnos is the act of god to change it, problems will never be solve by human hands and intellect. Sure god used people to change the system just like hezekiah hopeless against the army of sceneribb of the assyrian empire.Who among pilipinos possesed a stellar character to lead for a common good for the people,so far i know nobody at this time.Young politician once in office is submerged to all corruptions that they can grab on. The christian faith is also impotent to make a change, they are in bed body,mind and soul to the politicians.It is very clear in the cathechism teachings that we can go against the system of the government if the social, political, financial and industrial is disarray.What did the relegious organization do? do nothing. the quivoloys, the eglisia and other religious organization are cancers agent to the social chaos in our country. most of this socalled baptized good politician are cavorting this religious group to assure victory.Very disturbing and sickening. I am an american citizen now but my heart still a true filipino. Thank you for listening.

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  10. political outsider

    I abhore black propaganda in any form as much as you do, but is it equally unfair to discredit noynoy and company because one individual who may not be closely related to him did domething foolish.

  11. well, whatever ….hindi ko kelangan maging taga Ateneo o LaSalle o UP o Harvard etc…come on that C5 isyu..huwag nyo po naman isipin na wala kaming sariling utak.

    BTW wala akong sinusuportahan na kandidato as of now..pinag aaralan ko ang plataporma at hindi ako napapadala sa ‘black propaganda’ etc at pinagdadasal ko po kung sino karapatdapat iboto but definitlely not Villar..hindi na po sya kasama sa pinagpipiliin ko at ng iba pang kakilala ko na may bukas na isipan. God bless the Philippines!

  12. I was defending to different yahoogroups about the topic that is circulating, it is good that I found your site and I email it to them.

  13. OA ka naman Trinidad! OWVER ka sa OA actually. Shame on Noynoy and Kris? baketch?

    may pa ana-analyze deeply kp jan e hindi ka nga nag aanalyze sa paratang mo.

    ang may “beep-beep” na tao nga naman…

  14. You contradict yourself. You are against people who would spread rumours that would want to destroy a person’s reputation, but here you are, blaming the Atenea’s about an email that was “forwarded” to you. Can you be sure the root of this all is an Atenea? Just because it circulated inside an Ateneo network, it doesnt mean it comes from them.

    You should be careful too, because just like the organization or the person who is guilty or libel, you are too.

  15. Ay sus, talagang ganyan pag malapit na ang eleksyon at nauungusan na ang ibang kalaban.

  16. “But, how come Manny Villar is the best Presidentiable candidate out there? To all my fellow Pilipino’s.. Can we ask are selfs, what kind of president we really want? We already had President with superior intelligent but corrupt (Marcos/Arroyo). Are we really needed a businessman to lead us? i don’t think so.. all we need right now is a people without a track of corruptions, a president who will not abuse his power for his own agenda. Manny Villar is a businessman and he is already spent 200 million pesos on his infomercial alone, this is scary that he will get this back on a double or even on a trepple if he is elected as a president. And besides, he has a company to make advantage on his position as president of the country… this will not make difference to other past president… let’s wake up PILIPINOS… we want NEW, then THINK NEW!


  18. Check this one out, it is said that it’s also not true that this is own by Pres. Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe

  19. Please review your entry before you begin discrediting Ateneans. I think you’re being very biased by stating that all Ateneans are gunning for Noynoy. If you had done research, you’d have found out that Gibo won during a try-0ut elections held within campus. Also, just because it was sent to Ateneo emails doesn’t necessarily mean that it was an Atenean who did it. And if by any chance it was an Atenean, you shouldn’t group all Ateneans together like that and consider them all the same.
    Before you say things like discrediting others with your accusations of black propaganda, kindly look at yourself as well. You are laying claims that Ateneo teaches such things when you clearly do not know what happens within the campus.
    Please be careful about what you say on the internet. You’ll just end up just making a fool out of yourself.

    P.S. Kindly correct your grammar. From the title itself “cought” instead of “caught”, it already produces doubts about the validity of your entry.
    P.P.S. Do change your title. It gives the impression that you’re attacking the Ateneo more than you’re attacking propaganda like this.

  20. So you counter a smear campaign against Villar with a smear campaign against… Ateneo?

    What one person in ADMU says is *not* representative of what the whole community, so don’t go around putting words in our collective mouths.

    Hypocrisy, much?

  21. it’s Caught, not Cought.

    Also, I agree that it was stupid that a lot of people got caught up with spreading that lie on Tumblr and other sites where it’s prone to get reblogged. I think it isn’t very nice to put a blame on only Ateneans though.

  22. I think Manny Villar really owns this and can afford it all because of the BILLIONS he got from the C5 deal. We know his tactics and these are similar to the past dictators and the present one. I heard him speak in my city -wala siyang binatbat kung di pera.

  23. How sure are you that an Atenean wrote/started this black propaganda? And if the reason is for them to vote for Aquino? How about other candidates?
    Seeing this mail, I immediately had a doubt if the house was really owned by Villar. I researched for it in the net and then here we are…

  24. Why do you say it’s from an Atenean? I’m an Atenean but I did not receive this e-mail from any of our group…

  25. Aha! Na supress din comment ko. At least correct mo na. Thanks.

  26. Jose R. Macasio JR

    I receive the email last week but it never got in my mind to forward it to my friends.

    Why.. I think there is nothing wrong of having this kind of Mansion for Mr. Villar as long as the money use to build this are from his own treasury not in the treasury of the Republic of the Philippines.

    Mr. Villar is a well known realtor. If he can help build the huge housing industry in the Philippines then for sure can have one of that kind. “The mansion”

    Sorry, I am not a fan of Villar but I do have a common sense.

  27. ok.. now all is clear. i just wish there’s a snopes entry about ateneans and this black propaganda. there’s no concrete proof yet that the ateneans has started this, so dont also jump into conclusion.

    i thought only the low-class citizens would believe the ads of manny villar. we are educated. we dont get fooled easily.

    anyway, i dont trust this guy. why is he spending almost a billion pesos for this position? just because he loves his country very much or because he loves his businesses so much that he wants them to be protected?

    read this and vote wisely.

    God bless our country

  28. Manny Villar is the only one out of the three post popular candidates that has not made clear any decision to persecute GMA should he become president. In short, we can say hello to Gloria remaining apart of the political circle for the rest of her life. If Noynoy wins he may very well make the same mistakes his mother did and after seeing Oropronobis, I have no intention of voting for him.

    Unless God makes some intervention here, the Philippine government is bound to keep weaving its corrupt little web.

    You go on and on about black propaganda all over this blog of yours but your gray propaganda is just as bad. Yes, people may be slandering the name of Manny Villar, but you too slander the name of Noynoy Aquino. I’m not particularly a fan of Noynoy as I’ve said earlier, but you really are such a hypocrite.

  29. For the top most candidate which Aquino and Villar, well, hat I know is that For Aquino, he is promising to give to the tenants his Hacienda which for me is not acceptable why: they have inherited this vast of land from their parents who had sacrificed so as to have this fortune then all of a sudden, he will just subdivide it to the tillers of their land, sounds crazy; As for Manny Villar, I believe that the mansion as the topic can be built by him, why, because he is a hard worker and realtor who owns or runs the camella homes as an example.

  30. I think we are all getting it wrong. According to IMF and WB reports, the RP is losing $2 Billion Dollars a year, every year to graft and corruption. It doesn’t matter who gets elected, once they are in office, they start stealing. There is terminal cancer in our political system. We need tough, drastic surgery. We need to cut off the cancerous tumor. We need a group of patriotic, benevolent, military leaders to declare marshall law and clean up the government. Anyone caught and proven to have stolen from the motherland will be executed. Teach patriotism in our schools. Have clean and honest public servants. Reward the one who made outstanding contributions to the country. This is the only way, there is no other choice. If we continue like this, it will just be more of the same graft and corruption year after year. The IMF and WB reports states the the RP is now the MOST Corrupt country in Asia. Economically it is now at par with Bangladesh and Vietnam. Nakakahiya!!! We must get rid of the politicians from top to bottom! Get rid of the cancer.

  31. Anu ba talaga ang mga batayan ng mga botante sa pagpili ng kandidato? May mga ilang nagsasabi na kailangan ibase ang susuportahan sa mga nagawa ng kandidato at may ilan naman ay batay sa popularidad ng kanilang pangalan at pamilya. Kung tutuusin, mahirap talaga humanap ng kandidatong susuportahan para sa darating na eleksyon. Mas madali pa kasing hanapan ng kasiraan ang isang kandidato kaysa tignan ang mga magagandang ginawa nito para sa tao at bansang Pilipinas.
    Isang mahalagang halimbawa na lamang nito ay si Sen. Manny Villar. Sinisimulan na ang kanyang kontrobersyal na isyu ng C5 extension project. Nagsimulang umusok ang usapin ng lumabas sa isang survey na 11% na lamang ang pagitan ni Villar kay Sen. Noynoy Aquino. Ang nasabing maliit na pagitan sa pagkapangulo ay bunga na rin ng sandamakmak na patalastas o tinatawag na infomercials na nagpapakita ng iba’t-ibang mukha ni Villar kung papaano malulutasan ang mga problema ng Pilipinas.
    Ang mga infomercials ni Villar ay hindi maikakaila na nagpamangha sa mga Pilipino. Higit sa lahat, napukaw ng patalastas na ito ang mga bata na kabisadong-kabisado ang bawat linya ng campaign jingle. Ito ay nagbigay daan upang tumatatak sa puso’t isipan ng mga Pilipino ang mensaheng gustong ipaabot ni Villar. Ngunit hindi ata alintana kay Villar na masyadong malaki na ang kanyang nagagastos sa mga TV ad campaigns. Ayon sa isang TV executive, tinatayang mahigit 2B hanggang 3B na ang nagastos ni Villar sa pagpapalabas ng mga infomercials simula pa noong nakaraang taon. Iilan lamang siguro sa ating mga Pilipino ang may kakayahang maglabas ng ganoon kalaking halaga ng pera.
    Marami-rami rin ang ipinangako ni Villar ngunit hindi niya tahasang sinabi kung papaano niya gagawin ang mga ito. Sana lamang ay ginamit na lang niya ang bilyon-bilyong piso sa mga proyekto para sa mahihirap gaya ng pabahay at proyekto para sa edukasyon ng nakakarami. Hindi biro ang bilyones na ginamit ni Villar dahil nagsisimula pa lang ang pangangampanya at kung ganoon kalaking halaga ang nawaldas na niya, paano pa kaya sa mga susunod na araw?
    Paano siya magiging mabuti at magaling na lider kung ngayon pa lang ay hindi na siya marunong mag-budget ng sarili niyang pera? Hindi kaya maubos lang ang kaban ng bayan sa kamay ni Villar? Sana naman ay hindi niya inaasahan na maibabalik pa ang mga perang nawaldas niya gamit ang mga buwis na binabayad ng taong bayan.

  32. the main problem of our country is corruption- it’s not our economy. no matter how good your leader is in business or how he got his degree in economics, it’s still useless if he himself is corrupt.

    vote for someone who does not have a record or who is not questioned about issues relating to graft and corruption, and vote-buying.

  33. wait teka teka, sino ba nagsabi na suportado kay noynoy ang nagkalat dito? anyone who hates villar does not nexessarily want to vote for noynoy.

    i HATE villar. but i’m voting for gordon. i respect noynoy’s camp though, so maybe kayo ang nagpepeddle ng lies?

  34. If the Villar camp is so quick to accuse Noynoy’s camp as the culprit of this black propaganda, that casts a shadow of doubt on the Villar camp as well. It does not take a ‘dirty tricks’ genius to concoct a scenario that paints one’s own candidate as the victim of black propaganda, in order to open up opportunities to attack another candidate. I have not decided who to vote for and am sick of wading through all the muck in this electoral campaign.

  35. napakabobo naman ng naniwala na bahay nga ni villar ‘yung mga nasa larawan. kasing bobo lang mga naniwala na atenista nga ang gumawa ng bobong e-mail.

    kung kailangan mo pa ng paliwanag kung bakit bobo ang tawag sa mga nasa taas…

  36. I’m sick of Philippine Politics, biro mo pag nanalo sila wala ng mahirap sa bansa natin di yung mga house maid namin mag uuwian na sa mga probinsya nila kasi yayaman na sila, sino ng mag tatrabaho sa mg infra projects ng Gobyerno, mag sasarado na ang mga public schools mag sisiksikan ang exclusive schools kasi wala ng mahirap,

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  38. danda naman ng mansion na to, sarap nga buhay ni villa kuing tlgang sa kanya ito wowowie 😉

  39. I believe that Manny Villar is corrupt, but I don’t believe that he owns this mansion. Masyado kasing magarbo yung design at ang uso ngayon modern The mansion’s design is so ancient na, modern na ang usong design ngayon ng houses. Sobrang magarbo yung mansion, only the Sheiks and Royal clan could afford that. Hindi kakayanin na sa “C5 at Taga” lang manggagaling yung pampagawa ni Manny Villar ng ganyang kalaki at mamahaling mansion 😀

  40. I believe that Manny Villar is corrupt, but I don’t believe that he owns this mansion. Masyado kasing magarbo yung design at ang uso ngayon modern 🙂 The mansion’s design is so ancient na, modern na ang usong design ng houses ngayon. Sobrang magarbo yung mansion ha, only the Sheiks and Royal clan could afford that. Hindi kakayanin na sa “C5 at Taga” lang manggagaling yung pampagawa ni Manny Villar ng ganyang kalaki at mamahaling mansion 🙂 Go, Villar, mang-corrupt ka pa para makapagpagawa ka na ng ganyang kalaki at kamamahaling mansion hehehe 😀

  41. HOW, REALLY, DID MANUEL BAMBA VILLAR, JR. GET TO BE RICH? It may bear and serve the Filipino nation well to investigate and know that Manny Villar may actually have broken through from Tondo-ragged accountant to billionaire-rich presidentiable by allowing himself to be used as a foreign investor’s dummy in the Philippine real estate business. You see, the conduct of real estate business in the Philippines is made exclusive by law to Filipino citizens, necessarily because its affairs involve sensitive issues that affect territory, sovereignty, patrimony, and national security. Wasn’t that a debonair American who was smilingly visible every day at the offices of Crown Asia, Inc., way back before the Villars became political aspirants? Unfortunately, sighting American presence at the Crown Asia, Inc. organization deteriorates to zero visibility in hot election weather, especially nowadays! As Manny Villar embarked on a political career, it naturally became strategically imperative to avoid flaks of damaging controversy about being economically beholden to foreign influence, especially from nationalist camps of the likes of then Senator Teofisto Guingona Jr. who was one among legislators instrumental in passing general law limiting conduct of real estate business in the Philippines to Filipinos only. In fact, it was from 1997 to 1999 that the bespectacled, middle-aged, happy American investor (silent or express?) of Crown Asia, Inc. was last regularly observed at the 18th Floor of Cityland Herrera Tower. Most of us often have “humble,” sometimes “rotten,” beginnings; yet being transparent about such beginnings can do more good than harm. The key to the answer may reach as far back as auditing days at SGV or, perhaps, good Senator Manuel Villar would like to comment on this matter at this time?

  42. Why do we give Ateneans so much credit, as we all know,you dont need to be smart to be in that school,just rich..that is all they require,Noynoy is not intelligent,his not hardworking,he does not have anything in life to brag about..NOTHING !!!!! why are we even considering this person a candidate ?? is it because of his Parents..what did they do,that made them so great ?? if there is anything, it is his grandfathers betrayal..Noynoy Aquino will go to length to protect his families interest,it was his constituents,he was the chairman of human rights,and part-owner of Hacienda Lusita..IT WAS HIS RESPONSIBILTY TO ENSURE THAT VIOLENCE DOES NOT HAPPEN, AND YET !!!!!HE ALLOWED THE MILITARY TO ASSIST THE PNP…AND AFTER THE MASSACRE,HE STILL COMESOUT W/A CLAIM OF ILLEGAL PROTEST,HE TURNED AROUND AND BLAMED IT ON SOMEONE..NOW DO YOU PEOPLE STILL THINK, THAT HIS CAPABLE TO BE PRESIDENT..BY GOD, HE COULD NOT EVEN TAKE CARE OF HIS PERSONAL HYGIENE,LET ALONE THE COUNTRY THAT IS ON A ECONOMIC DOWNWARD TAILSPIN, the Cojuangco;s are just maing sure that,the poor stay poor,it is because it is easier to beat up the weak,than confront the strong..and NOYNOY IS NEITHER..STOP NOYNOY NOW !!!

  43. Question: How do you know and prove that who spread this e-mail is an Atenean? Being an Atenean and member of too-many-to-count Yahoo! groups, there was not one time that I received an e-mail and have only learned through the news.

    Now, don’t you know how wrong it is to generalize and judge our institution because of one e-mail, of one baseless accusation? It does not mean that Noynoy is Atenean, we would be going on some sort bloc-voting for him. Would that also mean UP is going to vote for Villar and La Salle would vote for Gibo? We have a diverse culture and varying opinions. We are people who have intellect and not just rich fools. Heck, not everyone in Ateneo are rich. We have values, and we do not need to spread black propaganda in order to support our bets. In fact, in a mock poll here, Mr. Gibo Teodoro won and NOT Noynoy.

    Please, just because of a hunch or an unproven accusation, it does not mean that you can degrade our university. One of the reasons why our country does not prosper is because of people who undermine each other just because of a stupid accusation.

  44. well well well I’ve enjoyed reading your comments you know? truly fascinated I am. such webstered words are pouring out here. lol very nice. 🙂

    uhmm to those who are witty here I should say, I think it’s better to vote neither of the candidates. Let the blind shanty people vote. Let them see the reality of being a fool. Let them claim their claims. Indeed after the big event, whoever will be crowned will just repeat the undone folly idiocy and inanity. A country submerged in the deepest sea can barely hover its way back to the top. 🙂

    always remember this. YES I’m referring to you whoever you are reading this comment of mine hahaha!

    “Once a businessman will always be a businessman.”

    Imagine, a businessman President. Every businessman would crave for that! hehe

    ja ne minna-san 🙂

  45. Antonina Pangilinan

    Y Ang gastos ni villar ang lagi binbangit bakit d ba malaki rin gastos ni aquino. At kung d c aquino ang gumastos cno. Eh millions din ito at least villar admitted pera nya ang ginagastos. C aquino mga kaibigan nya ang gumastos? Pagnanalo cya d lahat ng gumastos sa kanyang babayaran nya dahil malaki ang utang na loob nya sa mga taong gumastos para sa kanya. Wow. Ang grupo ni nonoy iyakin. Pagcla ang tumapon ng black propaganda k lang sa kanila pag cla ang tinapon aba kung makareact grabe/ Sobrang oa

  46. please don’t assume that ALL ATENEANS would be rooting for..umm….what’s his name..oh a matter of fact, mock polls were conducted in campus and GIBO TEODORO emerged victorious..(who happens to be a la salle alumnus =p)

    let’s not be judgmental pointed out by the author, there are many decent Ateneans..assuming arguendo that this indeed came from an Atenean, (i, myself, received this e-mail from more than 10 of my Ateneo y-groups), such individual does not represent the views, political alignment, more so the character of the entire Ateneo community..=)

    in any case, i really do pray that all these black propaganda and other dirty tactics would just stop..let’s stick to the facts..that way, maybe Filipinos will be more enlightened on who to vote for..=)

    – from a blue blood rooting for a green archer =p

  47. NO TO DEMONoynoy

    Excerpt from the column of Ms Domini Torrevillas of the Philippine Star today:

    “A Boy Guevarra has written, the following:

    Dear All, I apologize for the INNACURATE & FALSE information I forwarded a few minutes ago. I have just been informed that the MANSION SHOWN IN THE FORWWARDED E-MAIL belongs to Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe. I am correcting myself not because I support Villar but I wish to be FAIR TO ALL CONCERNED. BTW, my source quoted a recent

    International publication, showing many photos of this infamous mansion of President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, Africa. My apologies to the Villar Camp – Boy G.”

    “And as I stated in my column the other day, I could not believe the Villars own the mansion. They have better taste. I tell you, the more maligning being hurled at Villar, the more his ratings go up. The promoters of the other camps apparently do not know that dirty tricks are not doing their candidates any good.

    I hope the FORWARDERS of the maligning message, some of whom are FRIENDS OF MINE who have swallowed the “LIE” hook, line and sinker, realize that they have been had.”

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