Sorry Letter From Atenista Boy who tried to destroy Villar

Dear All,
I apologize for the INACCURATE & FALSE information I forwarded a few minutes ago.
I have just been informed that the MANSION SHOWN IN THE FORWARDED E-MAIL belongs to Robert Mugabe of Zimbawe.
I am correcting myself not because I support Villar but I wish to be FAIR TO ALL CONCERNED.
BTW, my source quoted a recent International publication, showing many photos of this infamous mansion of President Robert Mugabe of Zimbawe, Africa.
My apologies to the Villar camp.
Boy G.

9 responses to “Sorry Letter From Atenista Boy who tried to destroy Villar

  1. I am not Manny Villar Fan either supporter, but in your forwarded article I felt a little bit anger the reason many individual deceit & possibly believe in your false accusation, so by next time be careful to what you forward…

    I wanted you to please take a short glance to this short verse and is from the bible which is part of GOD Ten Commandment From…

    EXODUS 20:16 says; Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

    To tell you the truth…..

    We have the same feeling that you & I don’t want our nation dump like garbage after the election; I also want to see the Philippines step up from the mud of poverty. I’ll tell you what fellow I want to have the Philippines a God fearing leader to govern the Philippines in pure heart.

    The Philippines in now dying and the only hope we have is the immense support comes from God alone to whom we always trust, I don’t’ also want to see the Philippines suffer pain cause by those wicked leaders the only desire is to steal to small ones.

    Until then & GOD Bless the Philippines…

  2. you are man enough to acknowledged your mistakes, mabuhay ka kahit Lasalista ako!!

  3. The mansion does not even belong to Robert Mugabe, it has been debunked here:

  4. Where in that “Sorry Letter” did the person who disseminate false information mention that he is an Atenean?

    Just because one of the Presidential candidates graduated from the Ateneo does not mean that Atenenans will support him. You obviously have not heard of the fact that this candidate did not win in the mock elections held in the Ateneo.

    Please, make sure you get your facts straight. Provide proof if you truly know more than you are letting us on.

  5. You keep on pointing this issue at Ateneans even though you have no proof whatsoever that this person truly did come from Ateneo. What do you have against them, anyway? Even accusing them of favoring Mr. Noynoy when the results of the mock elections clearly showed otherwise. Tsk tsk…

  6. oo nga, at totoo ba tong email? bakit dito ko lang nakikita? pwede bang makita?

  7. enemy of liars

    paano naman kaya makikita sa net kung totoo yang email? unless, papayag ba siyang i-public ang password sa account niya!

  8. that some people actually believe this hoax just saddens me.

    the message above does not give ANY indication that the person who wrote it is indeed an atenean. and EVEN IF THE MESSAGE DID CONTAIN A CLAIM THAT IT WAS IN FACT WRITTEN BY AN ATENEAN, it would not constitute conclusive proof.

    in the FIRST PLACE, how sure are we that this is even a real message sent by e-mail?

    hay napakabobo naman ng gumawa nito. pero mas bobo pa ang mga naniniwala.


  9. I am an Atenean and I am saddened by the info that Ateneans made this hoax. If Ateneans made this, they ought to be expelled

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