Noynoy stop Pussyfooting!

How silly of Senator Beningno “Noynoy” Aquino to forget easily what he said to Makati Business Club about taxes… ( Aquino: No new taxes if elected president)

your pussy-like qualities shows when having to make a decision! It really shows dude!

Please No Pussyfooting, just a straight-foreward answer Ngoyngoy!

Just like the good old days noynoy, remember your stand in RH BILL? too annoying. (ooppss you did it again!)

Hindi mo malaman ang paninindigan?! where is the word of honor?! how can you call youself a Man? so indecisive.

Noynoy’s flip-flopping
When I first heard leading presidential candidate Noynoy Aquino tell his assembled fans at the Makati Business Club that he would not raise taxes or introduce new ones if elected president, I held my peace. The statement was such an obvious populist sound-bite, such a blatant made-for-TV canard that I figured it didn’t deserve comment.Politicians, after all, make such promises all the time. It doesn’t matter if they’re telling squatters that they won’t be removed from lands that they don’t own, or offering assurances of benevolent protection from overzealous regulators and tax collectors to fat-cat contributors bearing millions in unreported campaign funds.

It doesn’t even matter if they’re the sleaziest Tammany Hall-type of patronage-dispensing scum or if they’re so clean that they would have us believe that God himself has chosen them to lead the forces of good in slaying the dragons of evil. Politicians will say anything, do anything to get your vote—even if it makes that fact doubly hard to take when they succeed in convincing you that they’re in it for anything other than their own self-interest.

But when Aquino did another of his patented 180-degree turns, reversing himself completely by admitting recently that new taxes may have to be imposed because of the ballooning government deficit and national debt, I wondered why Noynoy was so prone to such elementary political gaffes. More than any other presidential candidate, in fact, Aquino has been backing up like crazy, on everything from his family’s continued ownership Hacienda Luisita, to the reproductive health bill and now, to this current kerfuffle on taxes.

The easy theory to posit is that Noynoy will take any position that is fed to him by his supposed advisers, who control the Liberal candidate like he was a puppet on a string. And because Noynoy is unused or unpredisposed to the hard and sometimes overwhelming task of national-level policymaking, he will take the advice of the people who surround him that he trusts, rightly or wrongly.

This scenario reinforces the belief that Noynoy is intellectually lazy, unprepared or even incapable of the actual work that accompanies the job that he seeks. And that he may have delegated the actual brain-work of his campaign (among other important things that he needs to get elected) to people who can’t get the job done, either.

The other theory is that Noynoy, contrary to what he has been telling us for so long, is just as “trapo” as anyone else because he will maliciously say or do whatever it takes to become president. Depending on his audience and the occasion, Aquino will mouth what he thinks needs to said, because that is what the worst of our politicians do.

This Machiavellian Noynoy is really on top of things, according to this line of thinking, and cynically uses whatever means are available to him to get the vote. Thus, if he feels he can get away with shifting his position continually on the use of contraceptives and government propagation of them, he will, just as he will continually fudge on Luisita and eventually offer the farmers demanding his family’s land a five-year pie in the sky promise of distributing the hacienda’s holdings to the tillers.

It’s hard to say which Noynoy is actually worse, even if both of them are potentially disastrous. On the one hand, we could end up with some male version of the Clueless Cory who was swung this way and that by her favored Big Business backers, the Left, the military, the so-called “civil society,” her trusted political advisers and even her more manipulative and opportunistic relatives.

On the other, we could get some sort of scheming, hypocritical political genius who will convincingly sell himself as a know-nothing but golden-hearted crusader, while he does everything we thought only the evildoers in politics were capable of. And then, when he backs away from a promise, he again puts on the charm and smiles with an “Oops, sorry” look that he hopes will get him another free pass.

Regardless of which Noynoy is really bundled with the image that is being sold, it’s his supporters that should do some serious rethinking. Do they really want to foist upon all of us a leader who cannot make up his mind about serious matters like taxes, who is so prone to making irresponsible, unthought-out statements and whose policies are moving targets of political convenience?

But perhaps it’s true that Noynoy’s support base is made up of people who look up to his parents and who trust that he will never do anything to sully the image of the sainted political couple of Ninoy and Cory. But that means Noynoy can probably say or do anything and it won’t matter one whit—he’s the heir and he can’t do anything wrong in the jaundiced eyes of the Yellow horde.

What a scary, stupid basis for electing a president. But then, it probably never hurt a politician (especially the most scheming, Machiavellian types) to underestimate the intellect of the electorate in this country, now or at any time in our sorry history as a nation.

But, just for argument’s sake, what if Noynoy backs away from his promise that he won’t steal? Will he be forgiven then, as well?

* * *

Ninoy Aquino International Airport general manager Alfonso “Al” Cusi has decided not to join the political fray and will instead accept the post of head of the revamped Civil Aviation Authority. Cusi was picked to head the agency after he had filed a certificate of candidacy for congressman in his home province of Mindoro.

While Al is a heavy favorite to win a Congress seat, he has apparently realized that he is needed more at the CAA, the much-improved government body that regulates the civilian air transport industry, where his proven skill at managing the country’s premiere airport will be put to good use. Cusi is certainly not the usual know-nothing, rent-seeking government functionary who owes his position to patronage and political favoritism—and who has nothing but payback in mind.

We’ve had so many of these officials in the past that it’s a wonder that the entire bureaucracy is still functioning. On the other hand, the deep-seated corruption and general dysfunction of the government service can be directly traced to the practice of naming people to sensitive posts who have no other qualification except having contributed to the election victory of the appointing power.

But every once in a while, government lucks out and finds people like Cusi, who has overseen the dramatic improvement of Manila’s airport system and ensured that air travel can be convenient and efficient. And now that the government has decided to improve both the policy framework and the implementing agency of all the country’s airports through the CAA, Cusi’s selection as it’s first head is really a no-brainer.

Mindoro will never lack for congressmen, after all. But right now, few people can steer the CAA through its birth pangs and supervise air travel in the country like Cusi.


9 responses to “Noynoy stop Pussyfooting!

  1. wala talaga yan paninindigan!

  2. STRIKE TWO!!! hanggang ngayon wala parin siyang TAND on answering issues..he answered it but not convincing a bit.

  3. politicalamateur

    Noynoy must be so confused with his daily drills from his puppeteers and advisers. His brains must have been so fried , and his codigo notes so messed up. Kaya kung ano ano ang sinasabi.

  4. As per Kris Aquino, my brother is not a Flipflopper.. ano lang daw sya fickle-minded! LOL

  5. Noynoy Aquino is not fit (psychologically and mentally) fit to be the President of our country. During his time as Congressman of his district I’ve never heard him passed any bills in Congress more so in the Senate, nor did he built any infrastructures although he is getting his ‘pork barrel’. He is just riding in the popularity of his parents whose only achievement is to free the country against the Marcos regime. It is Cardinal Sin who called Filipinos to protect Enrile, Ramos and the RAM soldiers and not Noynoy and his siblings and Cory who was hiding inside the convent in Cebu. Unlike Mahatma Gandhi who was there to lead the Indian people for freedom against the British, Cory and her children was not in Edsa to lead the Filipinos, but in hiding. As for ATOM they were only a handful of members so how can you claim that it was you who came first to Edsa to protect the soldiers? You (ATOM) are inside the camp; in an air-conditioned rooms, while we, the Filipinos are outside the camp sweating,getting hungry and thirsty and facing the soldiers and tanks???One thing I am worried about if Noynoy is elected as President, her sister Kris might (again) make Malacanang grounds as a boxing arena just like what happened when two actors had a boxing bout inside the palace grounds…

  6. enteng elitista

    well.. hindi ba’t magkaiba ang “we will refrain” sa “we will not”? iyon lang.

  7. Recently Noynoy commented on his hair or rather the lack of it on the state of our denuded forests . . . I think brains and leadership are just like hair. . . either you have it or you don’t.

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