Bitch Alert:Kris Aquino walang pigil ang bunganga!

TEAM RUFFA! ako! wohoo!!

Walang hiya talaga mga Aquino.

Yo, you got a touch of Bitch Ass Ness in you too and that shit! has to stop!

– P Diddy


Ruffa Gutierrez walks out of showbiz talk show

03/07/2010 | 10:06 PM

Actress/TV host Ruffa Gutierrez on Sunday walked out of a showbiz talk show she was co-hosting reportedly upon the prodding of her mother and manager, Annabelle Rama.

Interviewed by Showbiz Central minutes after the walkout, Rama admitted that she asked Ruffa to leave the live set of ABS-CBN’s The Buzz due to the alleged hostile treatment her daughter was getting from co-host Kris Aquino.

“Ruffa, alam kong addict ka sa trabaho. Pero pag sa trabaho mo naman, kapag ginaganon-ganon ka ng mga kasama mo, hindi na tama yung ganyan. Kaya tama na pinaalis ko siya [at] mabuti na nakinig ka sa nanay mo,” Rama told Showbiz Central host Pia Guanio.

(Ruffa, I know that you’re a workaholic. But please don’t allow your workmates to abuse you. That’s not right. It’s only proper that I pulled you out from the show, and it’s good that you obeyed your mother.)

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GMA News tried contacting Kris Aquino, but she refused to issue an official statement as of posting time. In her Twitter account (@itsmekrisaquino), she said her comment “was said with affection and a sense of fun.”

Rama said she informed ABS-CBN bosses about her decision to pull out Ruffa from the show. She also appealed to the public not to vote for Kris’ brother, Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III, who is running for president in the May 10 elections.

“Kaya ako’y nananawagan sa taumbayan na huwag niyong iboto si Noynoy, kasi hindi pa nga nananalo si Noynoy ay ang yabang-yabang na ni Kris. Akala mo siya na ang may-ari ng showbiz,” she said.

(I urge the public not to vote for Noynoy because he’s still only a candidate and yet his sister already acts as if she owns showbiz.)

Kris, in her Twitter account, cried foul over Rama’s statement against her brother. “If they will choose to lambaste my brother who wasn’t even on the Buzz, makes me wonder what the true agenda is – para siraan si Noy (to ruin Noy’s reputation)?”

She said she believes Filipino voters “are intelligent and will continue supporting Noy because he is the best man for the job.” – KBK, GMANews.TV


5 responses to “Bitch Alert:Kris Aquino walang pigil ang bunganga!

  1. yeah Filipinos are intelligent enough not to vote for noynoy! We dont think that Noy will be a good president… He wasnt even a good senator! why vote for such a useless crap?!

  2. because Noynoy is far better than the corrupt Manny Villar. as simple as that!

  3. No matter what, I will stick with the platform and track record…

    All others are black’s election time.

  4. I would rather vote for a supposedly corrupt president that would still get the job done than an annoyingly ignorant stupid wimp Noynoy Aquino. Remember: Ang tamad ay walang integridad. Ang walang nagawang maganda ay hindi makagagawa ng mas malaki at mas magandang bagay.

  5. haha! This section is funny. I hope all the aquinos will read all these comments…

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