Insertion? Bromance?

This has been circulating around the net, as I opened my e-mail! Juice ko!!!

BROMANCE! Noynoy: Dude, we can share the same girl naman? diba. Shalani has to wait, super yummy pa ang single life... kahit kanino pwede!

Korina: Matagal ko itong hinintay! Effective ba ang mihinhin kong personality? Mas okay diba? mas masarap pag hindi halatang evil ka!

No wonder Sen. Noynoy Aquino is still single LOL

Pikon ay laging olats.. ♥


One response to “Insertion? Bromance?

  1. The Full Truth: Noynoy and Hacienda Luisita (Must-Read)

    A summary of well-researched articles published on GMANews.TV.

    Noynoy’s well-documented involvement in Luisita:

    1. Noynoy Defends Military and Police Action During Luisita Massacre
    Noynoy spreads lies about the massacre.

    2. Noynoy’s Escorts Tagged in Shooting of Luisita Farm Workers
    Witness calls them “mga bata ni Noynoy Aquino,” “mga private army ni Congressman,” and “parang security guard, parang bodyguard.”

    3. Noynoy’s “Superhighway”
    5 years before Noynoy’s presidential campaign, a witness testifies that Noynoy told Luisita farmers to say yes to his SCTEx Luisita road project.

    4. SCTEx Investigation
    Government overpaid P247 million for Noynoy’s project.

    5. Hello Garci and Luisita
    Hello Garci comes out while Gloria’s Task Force Luisita is investigating the case.

    6. Cory and Noynoy Praise and Defend Gloria
    Even after Gloria’s “I am sorry” speech.

    7. Noynoy Votes Against Playing Garci Tapes

    8. Cory and Noynoy Drop Gloria Abruptly
    Just 8 days after Noynoy protected Gloria. The same month Task Force Luisita submitted the findings and recommendations of its investigation, which led to the government’s decision to order the distribution of the hacienda.

    9. Still No Justice for Massacre and Murder Victims

    10. Still No Land Distribution
    Jose Cojuangco Sr., Cory’s father, received large loans to buy the hacienda, on the condition that it would be DISTRIBUTED TO THE FARMERS BY 1967. Now, 43 years later, the land has still not been distributed. There has never been any valid reason why this was not done and many people have been killed for demanding justice.

    Read the full story at:

    Please share this with your family and friends by email, Facebook, Twitter, Multiply, Friendster etc. Feel free to copy and paste.

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