Senator Noynoy Aquino on Site Hacking Plan!

Beware of DIRTY TACTICS! the new media team of Noynoy Aquino, headed by ENTENG ROMANO, employed JASON BRADLEY, British IT Expert/Hacker in leading email & text blasts of LIES for smear campaign as well as site hacking. Bradley hacked websites of Noy’s rivals to prove his capability.

Noynoy Aquino: Buti na lang para sa akin ang GLOBE, ABS-CBN at DAILY INQUIRER... flawless ang magiging pagtira ko sa mga kalaban ko! Amazing.

Remember the Story about Mikee Cojuanco Destroying Senator Manny Villar’ s  Website?

Check it out:


Mukhang desperado na ang Noynoy Camp….lahat gagawin manalo lang pati EDSA Revolution inangkin na, kulang na lang gawing santong kabayo si Noynoy Aquino!


4 responses to “Senator Noynoy Aquino on Site Hacking Plan!

  1. and this is not dirty tactic?

    and this post is not a dirty tactic? let him who has not sinned cast the first stone.

  2. i got 2 unsolicited texts about this — makes me wonder who’s funding THIS smear campaign.

    enough spam, i don’t care if websites i don’t visit are hacked, but i hate receiving text spam! who are noy’s rivals? i will watch out for these spammers…

  3. Wow — my previous comment was deleted. I received 2 texts with exactly the above message and I commented that this text spam is a dirty tactic. I have since received 2 more texts. One more, and I’ll vote for Noynoy. I am tired of text spam and of unfounded rumors.

    Let’s see how soon this comment is deleted.

  4. nice thread, thanks . i like ur weblog.

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