A Video of Baby James: VILLAR! (Kris Naloka!)

wow Kids don’t lie!

So as baby james!

He is for Villar no Doubt!

Solid Villar!


7 responses to “A Video of Baby James: VILLAR! (Kris Naloka!)

  1. Hahahaha this is soooo hilarious! Guess Villar’s well-paid jingles was worth the fun! XD

  2. Hello everybody..i would say even our 1yr & 10mos old justin pag nakita nya c Villar sabihin nya NOYNOY,,kya ok lng na sabihin din ni Baby James na Villar..its funny

  3. halatang edited yung “villar” text. though natawa talaga ko dun sa video hahahaha

  4. There have been rumors going on about LAKAS KAMPI CMD’S lack of campaign funds as what we have heard from EDU and ATTY. RAUL LAMBINO. It seems that lack of funds won’t be a problem for them in the near future.

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  5. Villar: C5 at Tyaga

  6. It only shows how powerful are Villar ads. Of course, it caters to young kids like Baby James, and it’s easy to remember. Nevertheless, it doesn’t means that Villar is a sure winner. Things like this will not affect Noynoy’s winnability.

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