Late Mr. President Noynoy Aquino

Sweaty Victory for Penoy Simpson!

Now prove to us how competent you are, aside having Kris Aquino by your side with her pet Boy Abunda together with the whole cast of Glitzy celebrities.

And now, may I ask… why did your designer made Charice looks like Snow White? or is that you: Bumble Bee Girl?  As I turned on the television last June 30th I thought I was watching ASAP & SOP combined concert, di pala!  inauguration rites pala.

So I guess, Charice you have your seven dwarfs behind you 🙂

Oh well, she gave justice to our National Anthem naman and aside from that we should be proud of our Li’l Charice because she’s now on:

Well, congrats to Charice!

It was quiet a show! kulang na lang ilatag na ang lamesa para sa baraha at inuman! very Penoy! 🙂 I can’t help but wonder until when Penoy will hide his true colors?! I mean, No wang-wang? hello naman… hokay so be it. Then travel earlier like we normal people do para di ka malate Mr. President of the Philippines 2010. Kami ang Boss mo kaya sumunod ka! arf arf!

Not too impressive especially when you are going to mass:

By Thea Alberto, Yahoo! Southeast Asia / AP Photo

President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III arrived 30 minutes late for the red mass, a Catholic mass celebrating the 50th day after Christ’s resurrection.

Aquino arrived at Manila Cathedral 10a.m. The mass was originally scheduled at 9a.m.

In a chance interview with reporters upon his arrival, Aquino explained why he was late.

“May konting problema sa sikmura kaninang umaga [I had problems with my stomach],” said Aquino.

In a separate press conference held at Malacanang, Aquino said: “Main reason was I had an upset stomach. It took me a while to deal with it.”

Aquino noted that he also had a hard time catching sleep the night before, following two power outages at his Times St. residence. Aquino said in jest he was almost compelled to call the Energy Secretary.

Presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda meanwhile said Aquino went home late last night after attending a fellowship with new members of the Liberal Party.

Despite being late, Aquino led the Prayer for Nation’s Leaders.

The mass, led by Cardinal Gaudencio Rosales, was attented by Vice President Jejomar Binay, Chief Justice Renato Corona and some members of Aquino’s Cabinet.


Try to impress us with other things aside from being late and no wang-wang pluez!


One response to “Late Mr. President Noynoy Aquino

  1. Bakit ba kayo galit na galit kay Noynoy? Please just try to understand him.

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