Sweat Party

LP has one thing in common: Icky-Sweaty Politicians.

Basang Basang PeNoy!

Sweaty Stressed Drilon was not chosen by his peers to run as the Senate President. Boo Hoo Porky, Mang Kiko will do the honor instead. Unfortunately, people right now is becoming smarter as they see the funny stunts PeNoy and his puppeters. From being late due to bad stomach, from irritable fidgeting because he can’t smoke during inauguration rites and Military Awkward bloopers:

and more more more epic fails! I guess Liberal Party should not take the Senate Presidency or else we are all doomed! Even Mang Kiko Pangilinan is not even that competent! Maswerte pa nga siya at pinakasalan siya ni Showee! or else how can he won a senatorial seat?! even Simply KC featured Mang Kiko in her show as dagdag pogi points with matching cry me a river— obviously it’s all for the show. Now, people do you want another LP Trapo to rule?! I guess we all have enough yellow sweaty armies around.

ABS-CBN once again is trying to control things to make Mang Kiko Matsing take the Senate Presidency. I believe that we still have intelligent Senator’s that will vote for the right person for 15th Congress.

So help us God.




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