It’s me!

It’s all about Good Vibes baby!


9 responses to “It’s me!

  1. you don;t play the GAME…right, baby!

  2. this is a good site! especially right now that noynoy is faking his victory by playing duddum in our hearts.. more like perception game.

    damn noynoy he is so pathetic.

  3. what good vibes are you talking about?! i wonder how much villar pays for this.

  4. why are you making yourself anonymous while attacking other people? Pareho ka ng employer mo–duwag!

  5. CharlieSweeper

    there is this thing called karma… matakot ka kaibigan.. kung sino ka mang owner nitong site.

    wag mong ipakain sa pamilya mo ang perang galing sa kasamaan.

  6. hi! i’m writing an article on virtual art featuring presidentiables. may i have your permission to use images of Jamby Madrigal from your site? If yes, kindly e-mail me ASAP, and don’t forget to include your name and a little background on why you chose to make Jamby Madrigal your subject and why she is portrayed in such a way. Thank you and I would really appreciate a response!


  7. phil dela merced

    Across1World Community Solutions, Inc. will be launching a web portal targeting overseas Filipinos, initially in North America and eventually around the world. We are scheduled to launch our portal during the Independence Day celebrations here in Vancouver this coming June.

    The portal is a combination of many features:
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     LIFESTYLE: magazine style featuring leisure, sports, food, entertainment and housekeeping Filipino style
     RADYO, TV ATBP.: music library of multiple genre music, TV shows, movies
     PINOY ABROAD: Featuring community leaders and Pinoy organizations abroad
     BUSINESS DIRECTORY: Covers business establishments owned by Filipino entrepreneurs all over the world
    One of the main strategies of the Company is to partner with bloggers whose blog spots cover any of the above topics. The terms of the partnership will be as follows:
    Website’s Featured Section: We will have a section in our website that features the content of the blogspot. For example, a “NOY VIRUS” feature in the NEWS & OPINION Section, with full mention of the blogger and linked to the blogspot.
    Value to A1W: the value to us is we will have a constant source of content that will attract the interest of our target market.
    What Is In It For the Blogger? We believe that the website will provide significant exposure to the content of the blog. As a result, a good percentage of our visitors will go and visit the blogspot as well. There is a clickable button in the page that links to the blogspot.
    We are targeting the 10 to 11 million overseas Filipinos who are either immigrants or OFWs all over the world, and hope to capture at least 3% of this market.

    We believe that the bloggers’ contributions will be valuable to the success of our portal. In the same way, A1W will pave the way for more people to see the blog sites of our partners.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Very truly yours,

    Across1World Community Solutions, Inc.

  8. Maganda*Matalino

    it’s so annoying how some of pinoys are pikon at uto2. Baka naman sobrang tanga na ng iba at too emotional nawawala na ang logic at common sense…. Hey wake and look what’s really going on …. you are being brainwashed by kris yakity yak non sense at ka bobohan tuloy kawawa ang tao at ang bansa sa katangahan ng lahat ng bumoto kay noy2….. magalit na ang 13million +++ wala akong paki alam kasi I love our country…. Give him 100 days and you will see what i mean. May God save the Philippines !!!!

  9. Maganda*Matalino

    I hope i will be proven wrong …… i wish P(angit) Noy all the best esp in his work….. prove me wrong Noy2
    Look forward not backward….. don’t listen to all the opportunistang mong kamag-anak (baka mawala na naman ang jewelry ni imelda) at sa mga kutong nakapaligid sa iyo lalo na si jinky o junky?
    Do not sell Imelda’s jewelries… it’s a national treasure put it in the museum not in your aunt’s box.
    Mag ayos ka ng pananalita… you are not elegant more like your sis kris Trying hard to be classy!
    Your gait is funny try to walk with class.
    Do not listen to your super uglu classmate Salceda
    Do not listen to super ugly and super monotonous boring Chiz escudero (looks like a ugly mouse with droopy look)
    Think of the future of the country not of your friends like mar, ping lacson, junky , chiz, lopezes, erap, etc etc etc .
    Hahakoy na naman ang channel 2 ng mga natural resources ng bansa.
    Made for life ka na…. kasi make sure to put your best foot forward kasi we will be watching you !!!!!

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