Sen. Noynoy Aquino: MAY SAKIT NGA BA SA UTAK?

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Why not Sen.Noynoy take the challenge of having A Psych Test?

Karapatan naman natin malaman at suriin mabuti ang mga kandidato natin lalo na sa personal side. Kung yung health concern nga at drug testing ginagawa why not mental capacity?




A Video of Baby James: VILLAR! (Kris Naloka!)

wow Kids don’t lie!

So as baby james!

He is for Villar no Doubt!

Solid Villar!

Baby James supports Villar!

Mommy kris, please let me go I am an Avid fan of President Villar, not ngoyngoy!

A repairman came to my brother’s place yesterday and told us this story about Kris Aquino’s sortie in Bacolod on Monday evening, March 29, 2010.

Kris: Baby James, sino yung iboboto natin sa pagka presidente?

Baby James shouted: Si Villar!

Kris moved away quickly and started on an impromptu number hoping that the people did not catch what Baby James said. ABS CBN did not broadcast this incident.

Well … as they say, babies do not lie, do they?

Baby James really like the color Orange as in!

Papa James and Baby James for Villar!

Senator Noynoy Aquino certified Chain Smoker of the Philippines

Need proof?

Senator Noynoy is my Buddy, we are inseparable!

Senator Noynoy Aquino on Site Hacking Plan!

Beware of DIRTY TACTICS! the new media team of Noynoy Aquino, headed by ENTENG ROMANO, employed JASON BRADLEY, British IT Expert/Hacker in leading email & text blasts of LIES for smear campaign as well as site hacking. Bradley hacked websites of Noy’s rivals to prove his capability.

Noynoy Aquino: Buti na lang para sa akin ang GLOBE, ABS-CBN at DAILY INQUIRER... flawless ang magiging pagtira ko sa mga kalaban ko! Amazing.

Remember the Story about Mikee Cojuanco Destroying Senator Manny Villar’ s  Website?

Check it out:


Mukhang desperado na ang Noynoy Camp….lahat gagawin manalo lang pati EDSA Revolution inangkin na, kulang na lang gawing santong kabayo si Noynoy Aquino!

Bad mouth talaga si Mar Roxas!!!…ticleId=554264

NP ‘shocked’ at Roxas’ attack on orange-clad Cebu inmates
(The Freeman) Updated March 02, 2010 12:00 AM

CEBU, Philippines – Nacionalista Party (NP) spokesman and senatorial bet Adel Tamano yesterday hit back at Liberal Party (LP) vice-presidential bet Manuel “Mar” Roxas II for mocking NP standard-bearer Manuel “Manny” Villar’s orange campaign color by maliciously associating it with the Cebu dancing inmates.

While Tamano was not dismayed by Roxas’ swipe, he was nonetheless “shocked at how someone like [Roxas], educated at that, can carelessly pass judgment on people.”

During LP’s political rally in Cebu, Roxas was quoted as saying: “Yung mga dancing inmates na nasa loob ng presohan ay madadagdagan na. Tutal, kapareho ng kulay naka-orange, kaya lahat ng mga tiwali ay magsama-sama na. Lahat ng mga tiwali at lahat ng mga baluktot ay isasama na natin sa loob ng preso.” (The number of dancing inmates will rise. Anyway, they are like the guy in orange, and so all the wrongdoers should stay together. All the wrongdoers and the crooked, we will put inside the provincial jail.)

In reaction, Tamano said inmates are still Filipinos and have rights that must be respected and protected.

“The law cites that people are innocent until proven guilty. Most inmates are still awaiting trial and as such cannot be loosely called criminals, wrongdoers or crooked,” he said.

“Even convicted criminals do not deserve to be dragged into this political mudslinging that our rivals seem to have elevated into an art and focal point of their campaign and platform,” added Tamano.

The Commission on Elections (Comelec) also recognizes that detainees who are not convicted of any crime or punished by the Revised Penal Code, penal laws, or regulations are still presumed innocent of the accusations against them. Thus, they, among others, retain their right of suffrage.

The Comelec reported that at least 23,657 detainees are eligible to vote in 414 facilities of the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology. This represents 43 percent of the total 54,866-detainee population.

The NP bet said Roxas’ remarks have assaulted the inmates of Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center who have brought pride and distinction to the Philippines for their synchronized dancing videos on YouTube.

Choreographers of Michael Jackson even filmed the inmates’ dance interpretation of the pop icon’s music. The video clip of the inmates’ performance was included in the globally released music video.

Nonetheless, Tamano thanked Roxas for giving NP a chance to highlight one of its platforms, which is to transform the penal system from ‘retributive’ to ‘restorative.’

Villar vows to push NP’s advocacy of social justice for all Filipinos, including prioritizing the improvement of living conditions in jails, hastening resolution of pending criminal cases, providing legal representation to law offenders, and implementing rehabilitation programs for them as well.

The NP standard-bearer also echoes the church’s continuous call for people to demonstrate compassion towards marginalized groups such as prisoners. — /WAB (FREEMAN NEWS)

To Mar Roxas: No wonder your beloved wife is nababastos because ikaw ang nangunguna sa kabastusan, Wala ka ng ibang alam sabihin kundi Putang-Ina tapos nangaalipusta ka pa!


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