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Here comes the Bride!

Dream Lover!

Let’s talk about PeNoy’s controversial love life! Perhaps all the single ladies wanted to be part of his life huh?! Not because he is handsome, but he has  fame and fortune that makes him look handsome (cringing hardcore!) So what’s the gist of his future wifey?!

Quality time together 🙂

Quality Time? ka diyan. Election is over and Shalani must to move over. The Aquino’s already used her from top to bottom, side by side and everything! Now, you can see her beside the dumpsite. Coming from a reliable source, It is not Soledad Shalani that PeNoy will marry.

The Aquino’s consider Shalani as a disgrace to their family and that’s the true colors of yellow blooded animals! Knowing Kris Aquino… what more shall I say. Pangalan pa lang alam mo nang di makatao!

Anyway, so who is the one that PeNOY will propose for marriage….

Ms. Liz uy (make-up artist and Ex-GF ni Papa John Llyod)

Liz Uy is one of Kris Aquino’s favorites! She’s also a Chinese, so fix-marriage is accepted. Now, boo hoo to Shalani and may the force be with her. Paglaban mo ang pag-ibig niyo ni PeNOY! 🙂